Design Options


Dougall Flooring Limited’s customization options are endless. We offer several glass colour choices as well as various laminated glass interlayers and Low-E options. Below are some of our most standard selections.

– ¼” Float
– ¼” Tempered
– 3/8” Float
– 3/8” Tempered

– 1/4” Float
– 5/16” Heat Strengthened
– 3/8” Float
– 7/16” Heat Strengthened
– 9/16” Heat Strengthened

– Standard Doubled Glaze ¾” thick
– 3/16” tempered + 3/8” air gap + 3/16” tempered
– Triple Glazed 1-5/16” thick
– 3/16” tempered + 3/8” air gap + 3/16” tempered + 3/8” air gap + 3/16” tempered
– Laminated Double Glazed 1-5/16” thick
– 9/16” laminate heat strengthened + ½” air gap + ¼” tempered

Profile & Beading

Our profile and beading options allow us the flexibility to create modern or traditional door and window styles to suit your individual needs

Wood Options

Dougall Flooring Limited uses some of the finest woods available. We offer Jatoba,  Jequitiba and Cumaru

In House Finishing

In house finishing allows for doors and windows to be completely covered on all  four sides including behind hinges, hardware and weather strips. This superior level of coverage is nearly impossible to accomplish post delivery. Our industrial spray equipment provides an even and flawless finish comparable to nothing else.


Working closely with suppliers from all over the world has enabled us to produce a hardware range that is not only beautiful but exceptionally functional as well. We take great care in selecting hardware for coastal homes where salty sea breezes can wreak havoc on some finishes. All of our cam and multi-point handles are solid brass with several finishes available to suit your design specifications.


Dougall Flooring Limited is proud to be the Caribbean representative for Phantom Screens ( With Phantom screens you can still enjoy a beautiful view with natural light and fresh air while keeping the bugs out! With sleek designs and retractable options, Phantom Screens are functional yet discreet.